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Specialists in all forms of Hardwood Conservatory for the DIY market.

DIY Hardwood Conservatories is a specialist company supplying hardwood conservatories for the DIY and private timber market. Every conservatory component has been designed to make your DIY hardwood conservatory both easy to install, but also to be visually stunning. Using the most sophisticated hardwood conservatory technology, we have devised a system that interfaces and clips together. Please see our DIY Hardwood Conservatory Specifications for the full list of unique product points.

Every hardwood conservatory comes with a 10 year guarantee (please see our DIY Hardwood Guarantee).

We can include many options with your conservatory such as fluted posts, dentil moulding, and cornice to the gable or the ring beam; the options are endless making your design as unique and individual as your home.

We also have a range of standard sizes that you can select, please see our hardwood conservatory price guide for styles and sizes.

Additionally we can also manufacture be-spoke conservatories wether previously designed by an architect or designer; we operate a fully bespoke DIY hardwood conservatory service, with no hardwood conservatory to big or small.

All products are fully paint refinished, and can be painted in standard colours, or we can match any colours with specific reference numbers to them.

As the client you have full control over selecting from our prestigious range, or creating a conservatory tailored to your dreams, either way you will save thousands of pounds with a self build conservatory.

Bifold and folding doors


Our range of hardwood bifold doors and hardwood folding doors are designed and engineered for precision and accuracy, to allow the doors to have one of the smoothest opening movements of any set.

The timber bifold doors and timber folding doors are made with engineered timbers in the door leafs to reduce movement and increase strength.

All of our wood bifold doors and wood folding doors come with a full factory paint finish in a colour or stain of your choosing from our extensive range.

We can also make softwood bifold doors and softwood folding doors.

For a wooden bifold doors or wooden folding doors quote please do not hesitate to contact us today.


Jan 13th 2011, 9:12AM

Our products

For all your orangeries and orangery needs please visit our website.

For all your bifold doors, bifold door, folding door, folding doors requeiments please visit our website.

For all your timber windows, timber window, hardwood windows, hardwood window, wood window and wooden windows, replacment windows, diy windows please visit our website.

For all your roof lantern and roof lanterns requirements please do not hesitate to contact me.


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Oak folding bifold doors

We now manufacture oak folding doors and oak bifold doors.

Please contact us today to discuss your oak folding door requirements.

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Please call us today for our specialist CNC hardwood manufacture, CNC timber manufacture, CNC wood manufacture, CNC softwood manufacture, CNC specialist manufacture, bespoke CNC manufacture, CNC London, CNC Surrey, CNC Milton Keynes, CNC specialist component, CNC plastic mouldings, CNC timber mouldings, CNC Router technology.  All items are CNC to the highest standards.

CNC precision engineered hardwoods, timbers, woods.  Oak CNC work carried out

May 21st 2010, 9:46AM

Bifold Doors

Please see our range of bifold doors, oak bifold doors, hardwood bifold doors, timber bifold doors, softwood bifold doors, wood bifold doors.

Dec 17th 2009, 2:12PM

Folding Sliding Bifold Doors

Our sliding folding doors are durable, strong and with laminated timbers use the finest hardwoods available on the market today.  The folding sliding door system we use have the latest storm proof standards tested.  When you purchase your folding bifold doors you can be rest assured every effort has been made to ensure the quality of the product with rigorous testing methods in place.  So please contact us today for any of your sliding bifold door needs.  Please also see our website of folding sliding bifold doors.

Oct 5th 2009, 2:08PM

Sliding Sash Windows

We also manufacture sliding sash windows , box sash windows , vertical sliding sash , vertical sliderstraditional sash windows , sliding windows , Victorian windows , upvc sliding sash windows , hardwood sliding sash windows , timber sliding sash windows , wood sliding sash windows , sliding sash windows London , sliding sash windows surrey , sliding sash windows Milton Keynes. PVCU sash windows .

Oct 2nd 2009, 10:15AM

Roof Lantern

roof lantern


roof lantern

Sep 29th 2009, 8:15AM


orangery or orangery

Sep 28th 2009, 11:23AM

Timber Windows and Timber Doors

Our production facility in Milton Keynes manufactures hardwood windows and doors to the trade and retail markets.

Architects are selecting our timber window and timber door products for prestiegous new build and extension projects.

Please also see our range of orangeries and our conservatories.

For all your hardwood windows, timber windows and wooden window enquires please contact us today.

Sep 28th 2009, 8:33AM

Bifold Doors

Hardwood bi-fold doors, Timber Bi-fold Doors, Wooden Bi-fold Doors, Bi-fold Doors, Concertina Doors, Softwood Bi-fold Doors, Folding Sliding bi-fold doors, all available for delivery throughout the UK.

Feb 7th 2009, 9:16AM

Conservatory types

Pine Conservatory, Wood Conservatory, Hardwood Conservatory, Timber Conservatory, Timber Orangery, Timber Orangeries, Wood Orangery, Wood Orangeries, Hardwood Orangeries, Hardwood Orangery, Orangery, Orangeries, Oak Conservatory, Hardwood Conservatory

Jan 17th 2009, 1:52PM

Sliding Bifold Doors and Timber Windows

We have launched two new websites for sliding bi fold doors and folding sliding bi fold doors and also an exclusive timber windows, wooden window s and hardwood and softwood window s, The websites are and .


Jan 10th 2009, 10:05AM

Roof Lanterns

We also supply and manufacture roof lantern and roof lanterns in timber, wood, oak and a range of hardwood to the retail and trade roof lantern and roof lanterns markets.

Jan 10th 2009, 10:04AM

Timber conservatory

We specialise in the manufacture and installation of timber conservatory s and timber conservatories.

Jan 3rd 2009, 1:26PM

Hardwood Orangeries

For all hardwood orangeries, timber orangeries and wooden orangeries please visit our parent website .

Jan 3rd 2009, 11:24AM

Sliding Bifold Doors and Timber Windows

We have launched two new websites for sliding bi fold doors and folding sliding bi fold doors and also an exclusive timber windows, wooden window s and hardwood and softwood window s, The websites are and .


Jan 3rd 2009, 11:08AM

Hardwood sliding folding bifold doors

Please visit our parent company for all folding sliding bifold door, by clicking on this link through. 

Dec 14th 2008, 3:58PM

Selfbuild hardwood conservatories

Hardwood self-build conservatory, self build hardwood conservatory, self-build conservatory.

Timber self-build conservatory, self-build timber conservatory, self-build conservatory

Wood self-build conservatory, self-build timber conservatory, self-build conservatory

Wood self-build conservatory, sefl-build timber conservatory, self-build conservatory

Dec 6th 2008, 11:15AM

Hardwood Conservatories

When buying a conservatory from the Hardwood Conservatory Company, you are guaranteed professionalism and dedication with every purchase.

As we manufacture our hardwood conservatories we have total control over every aspect of the build, heavily investing in equipment and machinery to create be-spoke rooms.

By purchasing direct from us you will save thousands by buying direct.

Please contact us to discuss you hardwood conservatory and orangery needs.

Sep 15th 2008, 7:23PM

Conservatory Milton Keynes

We supply and install conservatory and conservatories in the Milton Keynes area. 

We offer a full design and build service for people in the Milton Keynes area who are looking to purchase a conservatory, orangery, or windows and doors.

Sep 15th 2008, 7:18PM

Conservatory and Conservatories supplied in Oxfordshire

We supply conservatories and conservatory products in the Oxfordshire area.  Our coverage in Oxfordshire includes products supplied such as conservatory, conservatories, windows, doors and orangeries.

We have supplied many households with conservatories in the Oxfordshire area, as we are based only 15 mins away.

Sep 7th 2008, 9:38AM

Conservatories and Conservatory products in Buckinghamshire

We supply conservatories and conservatory products in the Buckinghamshire area.  Our coverage in Buckinghamshire includes products supplied such as conservatory, conservatories, windows, doors and orangeries.

We have supplied many households with conservatories in the Buckinghamshire area, as we are based only 15 mins away.

Sep 7th 2008, 9:36AM

Conservatory and Conservatories in the Milton Keynes area

We supply conservatories and conservatory products in the Milton Keynes area.  Our coverage in Milton Keynes includes products supplied such as conservatory, conservatories, windows, doors and orangeries.

We have supplied many households with conservatories in the Milton Keynes area, as we are based only 15 mins away.

Sep 7th 2008, 9:34AM

Circular windows

We supply and manufacture circular windows, round windows and oval windows. Our wooden circular windows are manufactured using the latest CNC machines forming timber circular windows to any size and shapes.

We manufacture circular windows in hardwood, softwood and all forms of timber.

We can also produce oak circular windows and all sizes and forms of windows in oak.

We can also produce frames with curved heads, or manufacture doors with curved heads.

Aug 16th 2008, 4:43PM

Timber orangeries and wood orangeries

A further range of timber orangeries, hardwood orangeries, wood orangeries and softwood orangeries can be visited at


Aug 16th 2008, 10:58AM

Timber folding sliding bi-fold doors

Our hardwood folding sliding bi-fold doors, are the most sophisticated timber folding sliding bi-fold doors available on the market today.  The folding sliding bi-fold door sections are manufactured with engineered hardwood, and can stack back in a number of ways.

We have engineered a unique drip tray system to deal with the issues of drainage through the lower track.

We design all wood sliding bi-fold doors using 3D CAD to engineer with precision every size.

Our products can be used in applications where an opening is 3 Metres high and 16 Metres wide, having 16 leafs in one set with a range of opening setups.

If you wish to contact us today with a sliding bi-fold door enquiry please do not hesitate to contact us.



Aug 16th 2008, 10:54AM

Hardwood conservatories

For a further range of bespoke wood conservatory products, timber conservatory products or hardwood conservatory products, please visit


Aug 16th 2008, 10:25AM

History of the conservatory

Timber conservatory

A conservatory or orangery is a glass and metal or timber structure traditionally located in the garden or grounds of a large house. Modern glass conservatories are smaller, and can be made of PVC, aluminium or timber, and are often an addition to a house for home improvement purposes.

The traditional nineteenth century conservatory was a large greenhouse, its purpose was used for cultivating tender and rare plants, or, less often, for birds and rare animals. Many locations, particularly those in colder climates and also large European populations, have erected conservatories to show plants and to display flowers. This type of conservatory was popular in the early nineteenth century, and by the end of the century many were converted to social use (eg: tea parties).

Conservatory architecture varies from typical Edwardian glass-houses to modern styles, such as contemporary designs incorporating sliding bi-fold doors.

Lesser garden conservatories grew in popularity in the later half of the twentieth century, as conservatories which are part-greenhouses for conserving plants, and part-recreational, as a solarium or sun-room.  These are usually utilised as an additional room rather than for plants.

In the UK a Conservatory can also refer to a smaller glass enclosure attached to a house. In other parts of the world this is referred to as a Sun-room

A timber conservatory inspires the use of the room, creating individaul detail acrossevery timber section, bringing charchater and charm to your property.

Please contact us to discuss your wood conservatory design.


Aug 6th 2008, 8:33PM

Oak conservatory and Oak Orangeries

We supply and manufacture oak orangeries and oak conservatories to the retail and trade markets.  Our oak conservatories and orangeries use only the finiest European Oak for construction.

Every oak conservatory is hand made, blending traditional craftsmanship with state of the art accuracy - making every oak conservatory precision engineered, but providing a timeless master-piece addition to your home.

If you wish to speak to one of our oak designers, please register your contact details and we will call you by return.

Aug 5th 2008, 8:02PM

Roof Lanterns

Our company also specialises in roof lanterns for your property, and can look amazing within any flat roof space.

We manufacture and supply hardwood roof lanterns to the DIY and Trade market, supplying timber roof lanterns all over the country.

Other orangery services mean that the client can easily create an Orangery space within there property, purchasing a roof lantern, windows and doors from us, and using there builder to install - saving you the customer thousands by buying direct from the factory at trade.

For more specific information on our roof lantern products, and how roof lanterns can be incorporated into an Orangery space please click on the link below.

Roof Lantern more info.

Aug 3rd 2008, 7:03PM

Timber Conservatory

It is very important when selecting the wood for your timber conservatory, to select a material which will both be environmentaly friendly, and durable, as this will provide the sub-structure for your new room.

Our choice of wood's for our clients timber conservatories are Sapele, or Oak.  Both are extremely durable and consistent, and when painted provides a wonderful effect whether stained or painted. 

Our oak conservatory range are the most prestigious available on the market today, providing the highest quality and style, making our oak conservatories the architects choice for many years.

All our timber conservatory components are hand crafted and are also spray finished by hand.  We use the latest CAD design technology, to produce our conservatory range - allowing for creativity and accuracy at every stage of manufacture.

Please see our self-build conservatory range for more details as to the specification.

Aug 3rd 2008, 6:59PM

Wood conservatory material

Many conservatories have been produced in the past using softwood materials, greatly reducing the life expectancy of the conservatory purchased.  We only use the finniest hardwoods for our wood conservatories.

Having a wood conservatory in hardwood means that the client will enjoy many, many years of enjoyment within there new room.  So do not except anything less, as many times our prices are as competitive for hardwood conservatories as other companies selling softwood conservatories.

Please contact us today to discuss your wood conservatory or timber conservatory needs.

Aug 3rd 2008, 6:42PM

Timber conservatory

Choosing a timber conservatory from our timber conservatory range will bring style and elegance to your home.  Our timber conservatories will provide additional space and light to your property.  Please contact us today for all your timber conservatory needs.

Jul 30th 2008, 9:47PM

Wood or Wooden conservatories and Oak conservatory

We manufacture wood conservatory and wooden conservatories to the DIY market.  Our wooden conservatories are manufactured from the finniest woods available on the market today.  Our wooden conservatories use Sapele or Oak for the conservatory components. 

Our Oak range is the most prestigious available.  Manufactured from European Oak - laminated for strength and stability the frames and roof can then be stained, oiled or painted in a range of colours.  For our Oak conservatory and Oak conservatories we can split colours, with a stain applied internally and a colour painted outside - creating different style from the garden to inside your home.

Jul 26th 2008, 6:45PM

Green house / Conservatory

Laeken Greenhouses

A greenhouse (also called a glasshouse, conservatory, hothouse or orangery) is a shelter where spices of plants are grown.

A greenhouse or conservatory is a building with a glass roof or upvc roof and often glass or plastic walling; it warms up as incoming solar heat from the sun heats plants, soil, and other things inside the building. The air temperature warmed by the heat from hot interior surfaces are kept in the building by the roof structure and walling. These structures range in size and shape from small huts to very large buildings.

Greenhouses or conservatories can be split into glass greenhouses and plastic greenhouses. Plastics mostly used are multiwall sheet in PCor PMMA. Often commercial glass greenhouses or conservatories are high tech production facilities for vegetables or flowers. The glass greenhouses or conservatoires are filled with machinery like screening insulation's, heating, cooling, lighting and can be automatically controlled by a thermostat's and computers.

The glass used for a greenhouse or conservatory works as a light and heat transmission medium for different spectral frequencies, and its reason is to keep energy within the greenhouse or conservatory, which then heats both the plants and the earth inside it. This heats the air close to the ground, and this air is then prevented from rising and leaving. This can be shown by opening a tiny window near the apex of a greenhouse or conservatory : the temperature then drops dramatically. This principle is the underlining principle of the automatic cooling vent system. Greenhouses or conservatories thus work by containing electromagnetic radiation and preventing convection. A small greenhouse is known as a cold frame.

We supply hardwood or timber greenhouse, conservatories and orangries and we provide state of the art glass to prevent heat loss or heat gain.  Please contact us today to talk through your glass requirements for all your timber building needs. 

Jul 23rd 2008, 5:09PM

Hardwood windows and timber windows

We also supply hardwood windows, timber windows and softwood windows to the DIY and trade markets.  We manufacture any bespoke windows and doors to suit the architectural needs of the property.

We also produce timber sliding bi-fold doors and hardwood bi-fold doors to the retail, DIY and trade market.  We can provide timber flush windows, hardwood flush windows and softwood flush windows, to provide a complete range for your windows needs.

If you are looking for the true one off we also provide circular windows, timber round windows, and hardwood round windows.

Jul 23rd 2008, 4:14PM

Roof lantern

We also specialise in the production of roof lanterns.  We can manufacture any size, shape and colour of roof lantern to suit.  We also have a DIY range of roof lanterns for the DIY market, and can also supply and install roof lanterns in certain areas. 

Our roof lantern technology is superior to anything on the market today.  We use a clip-together fast fit roof lantern system, making it easy for the clients builder, or indeed the client to install there hardwood roof lantern. 

Please see our roof lantern page for more details on the timber roof lanterns we supply.

Jul 23rd 2008, 8:21AM

Conservatory replacement

We have many customers who have had an existing conservatory in either upvc, aluminium or timber and require it to be replaced. 

We provide a replacement service where we will remove the existing timber conservatory structure, and install or supply the client a DIY hardwood conservatory.

Sometimes all that needs replacing is the roof of the conservatory and again this is our area of expertise, as we manufacture 15 - 20 timber conservatory roofs a month for vary project types.

Our timber DIY conservatories mean that even a novice to DIY can install and we can provide a meeting on day 1 of the installation, to brief the custmer on how there DIY hardwood conservatory goes together.


Jul 23rd 2008, 8:13AM

Why have a timber conservatory

Why a timber conservatory.

Please find below some interesting facts about why your conservatory choice should be hardwood.

The first interesting fact is that many people are not aware that Europe has a greater forestry area than 80 years ago? This is fundamentally down to forests being well manager, and stocks being replenished faster than they are taken..

 The cutting down of older larger trees and reinstating them with new ones, means that with younger trees in place they take in more carbon dioxide and produce more oxygen - again a process beneficial to the planet. 

Also the production of upvc and aluminium for window and door frames requires a much greater use of energy to produce than a wood, plus when upvc is replaced after its 10 year guarantee, the upvc frames can never in most cases be recycled.

We cover the Milton Keynes area for hardwood conservatories / conservatory, we also cover the buckinghamshire area for timber conservatories.  For hardwood windows and doors we cover the Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire area , and for the Oxford, Oxfordshire area provide hardwood / timber windows, doors and conservtaory / conservatories.


Jul 19th 2008, 8:58AM

DIY timber conservatories

DIY timber conservatories are becoming more and more popular, with timber conservatories outlasting there plastic rivals by 40 - 50 years.  DIY timber conservatories are also full of character and charm, with individual details added to suit the personal taste of the client, or to copy building architecture.

Our DIY timber conservatories are designed to be both beautiful and easy to install on site - providing the customer with a high end hardwood conservatory, whilst saving thousands of pounds doing it yourself.

Jul 18th 2008, 5:24PM

Trade Hardwood Conservatories

We supply DIY hardwood conservatories to the trade and retail markets.  We work closely with all customers to ensure they turn there hardwood conservatory dreams into reality.

With a dedicated team of people who can provide surveys, we hope to make the DIY conservatory purchase as stress free as possible - also saving the client thousands of pounds off of high street prices.

We also have a number of builders who use are services for hardwood windows, timber doors and timber orangries - who all know that when dealing with the DIY Hardwood Conservatory company, professionalism and quality go hand-in-hand.

So contact us today and speak with one of our advisers about adding a DIY hardwood conservatory to your property.


Jul 18th 2008, 9:34AM


Today the DIY Hardwood Conservatory Company launched its new RSS feed, bringing up-to-the-minute news within the hardwood conservatory world. 

We will bring news on our latest products, designs and news on new machinery and advancement's in our CAD department. 

More news will follow shortly on our standard range pricing for our new DIY hardwood conservatory styles and our new paint system - improving adhesion to the hardwood conservatory frames.

Jul 16th 2008, 5:08PM

Suppliers of hardwood conservatories of all shapes and sizes, traditional and modern for DIY use.